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Unlock Your Strength: Crush Limits with TETraining

Welcome to TETraining, your secret weapon for epic health and fitness transformations!

If you're trying to reclaim you're gym motivation and get back to the fit, confident self then you're in the right place. Our coaching is laser-focused for people just like you – the ones who will put everything into achieving their body goals, but need direction, accountability and a plan completely tailor to you and your needs..

You've tried before and nothing seems to be working to get you on track

You used to be leaner, stronger and happier with how you looked in the mirror.

You probably still remember all your personal bests and how achieved and proud they made you.

But over the last few years, things have gotten in the way of that.

Might be work schedules playing havoc with your routine so you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail managing everything in your life.

Might be travel, meetings running late, stress from hectic days meaning you need to just sit down after each day and you feel so lethargic and tired all the time.

Now, you're efforts to diet cause more issues than they solve.

You promise that you'll prep all your lunches ahead of time, but soon the bland salads and constant tub cleaning is getting dull.

Your cardio heavy gym plan is draining you even more, hell you wanted to get in shape to feel more energised not less!

Your initial motivation to do something is waning pretty damn quickly.

Your lacking any of your favourite foods (you're calories are so low you couldn't even include them if you wanted to!)

Your performance in the gym is dropping each week - you're getting weaker and more shattered each time

The scales are barely moving, if at all, and you're questioning how do other people do this? How does anyone stick to this long term?

Then, comes the weekend.

The week has been LONG and stressful. You've been to the gym a few times so you deserve a takeaway.

You order all you're favourite, as well as a few sides that you've been missing, and sit down for a night on the sofa watching netflix and finally a rest.

Over the weekend your out and about on saturday and grab some food, because you were already out and it won't make that much difference. You'll have a healthy tea so it'll be fine (you won't but whatever)

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment you 'quit' your diet.

The weekend just becomes a blur of snacking, a few drinks, more sitting than you've done in days and it slowly bleeds into the following weeks.

Very soon you are right back where you started, full circle.

And you know what, this isn't even the first time that this has happened.

Sure the diet or exercise might have been different, it might have been low carb, keto, high fat, high protein, whatever.

BUT, the end result is always the same, back to square one.

So, at this point I think its worth suggesting that...

If you want to lose weight, and learn to keep it off, that you might need to try something different?

And when I say something different, I don't mean another of your endless diet attempts.

I mean, how about a transformation program designed to give you EXACTLY the help you NEED to make dramatic changes that will have people commenting in as little as a few weeks?

A plan bespoke and perfectly suited to your preferences, routine, lifestyle and more.

All you have to do is follow your plan, check in with me and put in the hard graft (we both know that hard work isn't the problem with you, you just need the right direction and accountability to stick to it)

I'm not trying to sell you the magic answer results with little to no effort, because quite frankly that doesn't exist (and any coach trying to sell you that there is, is lying to get your money)

But what I am offering you is the chance to work with a coach that will:

Build a sculpted and toned physique that will have all your friends commenting on how toned your arms are and how small your waist is.

Tailor your plan exactly your goals and lifestyle to ensure it fits in as seamlessly as possible to our normal life.

Help identify the precise thought processes and habits that are sabotaging your progress, and work together to make sure they don't hold you back any more.

Help you regain your strength, and surpass it.

Construct a flexible routine to ensure meals out and takeaways can no longer derail your results.

Stay accountable to your goals and to yourself.

Ready to demolish your limits? Get in touch for your one-way ticket to the new you.

Real People Real Results

Personal Training Online

Let's create your bespoke training & nutrition plan!

What is Online Personal Training?

Online coaching – a term that's been muddied by mediocrity with many coaches falling short, leaving you adrift in a sea of confusion.

Typically you'll sign up, maybe have a questionnaire followed suspiciously quickly by your 'fully bespoke and tailor' plan (PDF or word document) with some vague calories to hit and then radio silence for a few weeks until the message asking 'Hows it going?'

Very supportive.

But fear not, for TETraining is here to rewrite the script.

I'm not about vague promises or generic approaches.

I'm about dismantling confusion and crafting tailored solutions that match you perfectly.

While others stumble, we thrive on precision, offering you a blueprint crafted by data, personalisation, and unwavering dedication to you and what you want to achieve.

Your goals aren't just aspirations – they're a mission, and we are your strategic partner in conquering every milestone. Say goodbye to subpar service – welcome to the era of unshakable transformation.

How does Online Personal Training work?

  • Laser-Focused Transformation Blueprint Process

    Welcome to a world where every detail counts.

    My in depth intake process ensures I truly understand your goals, your journey, and your unique backstory.

    This is the part that most coaches will skip over, before putting you on some cooker cutter program they hand out to every client.

    No more vague directions – the better I know you, the better I can help you and reduce the risk of missing our goals to near zero!

  • Nutritional Enjoyment and Mastery

    I love food. And I want you to avoid the over restriction and misery I went through when I first started my fitness journey all those years ago (and has most likely been plaguing you as well).

    Embrace the art of food while on your fitness journey with a tailored approach that celebrates your tastes.

    Say goodbye to generic meal plans and hello to a personalised nutrition that aligns with your preferences – whether it's an initial meal guide or flexible food goals we will work together to make sure you are excited by your food options, not dreading the next 'clean meal' (shudders)

    Embrace a world where your current eating habits are the foundation, and we work together to optimise your choices in line with your goals.

  • Training, Your Way

    To me, the ideal training program finds the sweet spot between what you're passionate about and what you need the most.

    Whether you're taking your first steps into fitness or you're already on an active path, our focus begins with where you are right now.

    No rigid 6-day gym marathons, no mandatory 10k runs – I'm here to create a program that reflects your unique starting point and aspirations.

    With me by your side, we're crafting a tailor-made journey that ensures maximum progress while keeping the enjoyment in every step.

    We'll assess your starting point, workout the exact milestones we need to hit en route to your goals and ensure that we are consistently building you up into the strongest version of yourself.

    Let's transform your movement into an enjoyable and effective experience, together.

  • Empower Your Inner Game

    Now, I completely understand if the term "mindset" doesn't immediately captivate you – it's a buzzword that's everywhere, and everyone seems to be a "mindset coach" nowadays.

    Yet, I'm unreservedly honest that this facet is at the core of what I do.

    It's the backbone that holds everything together, the very reason I invest so much into my own coaching, mentors and education – because a strong mindset is the bedrock upon which all transformation is built.

    Let's keep it real – I could passionately chat about this endlessly. But let's get to the heart of it:

    Through our journey, you'll cultivate unwavering autonomy and the self-assuredness to make choices that align flawlessly with your values, no matter the circumstance.

    No more wishing you were more motivated or worrying that you'll fall back into old habits like always. Through your coaching we will identify thought patterns, common habits and other aspects specific to you that could be putting obstacles between where you are and where you'd like to be.

    From there, we'll implement tried and tested strategies to help resolve these and make sure that they hold you back no more.

    This isn't just coaching; it's a profound transformation that equips you to conquer any challenge with confidence.

    Elevate your inner game and unlock the potential that lies within. Together, we're crafting a mindset that's unshakable.

  • Weekly Progress Dive & Your Personalised Video Insights

    Every week, we dive into your progress together.

    You share your wins and challenges, and we provide personalised guidance.

    But we don't stop there – we're bringing you a personalised video update, walking you through the insights that matter most.

    This isn't your typical whatsapp check in (that just gets a 'thumbs up, more of the same' reply) that most coaches offer.

    This ensures accountability to your goals, gives you a clear action plan for the week ahead and clarity on how it will lead to your ultimate goals.

  • Unshakable Lifeline: Unlimited Support Sanctuary

    Questions, setbacks, or victories – I'm here every step of the way.

    Your sounding board and your strategic partner. Whenever you need support or advice, I'm only a message away, guiding you towards your best self.

    Embark on a journey where precision meets progress. Welcome to your personalised path to triumph.

*DISCLAIMER | Results may vary from person to person | Results are based on individual circumstances | Timeframes for results are not guaranteed | Hard work is always required!

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